SSAT Tutoring in San Diego, Near You, & Online

In our view, the most important question for parents to ask is this: "Who will be the person teaching my kid?" Our competitors hire college students and train them, whereas we only hire long-time teachers.

Matt Sheelen is our SSAT specialist, and has worked with dozens of students over the years who are applying to selective private schools like Bishop's and Francis Parker.

P.S. Matt also offers ISEE tutoring (and online ISEE tutoring) and HSPT tutoring.

Matt Sheelen

Matt Sheelen ISEE and SSAT tutor Matt Sheelen ISEE and SSAT tutor Matt Sheelen ISEE and SSAT tutor

Matt: I am originally from Hopkinton, Massachusetts - the start of the historic Boston Marathon. I went to college at Northwestern University, where I graduated with a degree in Theatre. After college, I wised up and moved to the warmer coast. I worked in Los Angeles for many years as a full-time test-prep tutor and part-time arts educator.

I have been tutoring the SSAT for over 15 years both in Los Angeles and San Diego. Past students have gone on to attend schools including Harvard Westlake, Marlborough School, Bishops, La Jolla Country Day, Francis Parker, Our Lady of Peace, Cathedral, and more. A few years ago, I moved to San Diego after getting a M.A. in Education from Stanford University, and I currently work as a credentialed K-12 classroom teacher.

When I’m not working, I enjoy good books, performing improv comedy, surfing, watching Game of Thrones, and enjoying the charms of San Diego. I live in North Park, where I love to get out and take advantage of all the delicious food in the area. I am also a huge Boston sports fan - the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics are my favorite teams. I usually have something in common with every student - my interests are really diverse!

SSAT tutoring with Matt is $225 an hour ($203 / hour for 10 or more hours). He meets with students online via Zoom, and in person in North Park or Mission Valley. Matt specializes in helping students navigate private school admissions tests and achieve their desired scores.