Over the years, Vince has done a few interviews, podcasts, and articles for various companies about test prep:

Our own Digital SAT podcast: Vince talks with our SAT tutor Blake about the new version of the SAT.

Tests and the Rest Podcast: Mike and Amy interview Vince about his tutoring background and philosophy. If you're interested in how standardized tests like the SAT, ACT, and GRE can help you get accepted, this is actually a valuable (and entertaining!) podcast to subscribe to, since they've interviewed most of our field's experts.

Another Tests and the Rest podcast: In this episode, Vince explains what the GRE is and covers some basics about how to prepare for it.

And here's another Tests and the Rest pod about the GRE from 2024.

GRE Snacks Podcast: Vince joined the podcast for several brief GRE prep episodes.

The Critical Reader Tutor Interview: Short interview with Vince from our favorite resource for SAT and ACT verbal instruction books: The Critical Reader.

PrepEd Interview: The educational platform PrepEd interviewed Vince about GRE tutoring.

Hera Hub article: Hera Hub is a women's co-working space in San Diego - in this article, Vince explains why you shouldn't start SAT / ACT prep too early.

James Thompson article: Vince's former student writes a helpful breakdown of how he prepared for the GRE.