Hello, intrepid yet thrifty GRE prepper! Vince here. I've put together a LOT of free GRE resources over the past 13 years. 

I'd start with one of my free study plans - they will tell you exactly what to do on a daily and weekly basis. Once you begin one of them, you can supplement other things on this page if needed. 


My GRE study plans  


If you're struggling with a study plan, it could be a good idea to invest in a customized one.


Below, you'll find the rest of my free resources.



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Overall GRE Prep



GRE Vocabulary



GRE Verbal



(Above: Vince explains how to categorize GRE passages)



GRE Math



GRE Essays



(Above: Vince brainstorms an Issue Essay prompt)



(Above: Vince brainstorms an Argument Essay prompt)



GRE Test-Taking Tips




(Above: GRE Test Anxiety Tips)



(Above: Dealing With Time Pressure)



Graduate School Admissions Essay Tips



Other Stuff



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