Hello, intrepid yet thrifty GRE prepper! Vince here. I've put together a LOT of free GRE resources over the past 13 years. If you want to study for the test without spending much - or any - money, this page is a great place to start.

I've tried to curate the list so that you're not overwhelmed, and the key below is an easy way to tell which resources I think will give you the most bang for your buck. Oh wait, they're all free. You know what I mean. If you like videos, my YouTube channel has many more - check out the playlists.



*** Essential

** Great

* Useful


Overall GRE Prep

My GRE Beginner's Guide ***

My GRE study plans ***

My LinkedIn Learning GRE prep course (free 1-month trial) **

My lessons on Gregmat.com (not free, but only $5 a month. Gregmat is the best deal in GRE prep!) **

More of my free GRE prep videos **


GRE Vocabulary

Vince's Complete Guide to GRE Vocabulary ***

GRE Word of the Day *


GRE Verbal


(Above: Vince explains how to categorize GRE passages)


The Key To Verbal Reasoning *

Reading Comprehension Passages *

Critical Reasoning  *

Function of a Sentence *


GRE Math

Complete Guide to GRE Math Concepts ***

GRE Math Strategies ***

The Key To Quantitative Reasoning *

Math Cross-Training *


GRE Essays


(Above: Vince brainstorms an Issue Essay prompt)



(Above: Vince brainstorms an Argument Essay prompt)


GRE Issue Essay Template *

GRE Argument Essay Template *


GRE Test-Taking Tips

GRE Test Day Tips ***



(Above: GRE Test Anxiety Tips)



(Above: Dealing With Time Pressure)


How to Skip Intelligently *


Graduate School Admissions Essay Tips

30 Personal Statement Tips ***


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