Graduate School Personal Statement Online Course


So you need to write a personal statement to apply to graduate, business, or law school. Ugh! What are they looking for? How do you get started? How can you make yourself stand out and not blend in?

Good news! I can help you figure it all out. In my video course, not only will I give you my top 24 tips to write a compelling personal statement, but I'll cover the big picture of how to view this kind of essay as a way to communicate that you're a good fit for the programs to which you're applying.

Simply put, the personal statement is not a to-do; it's a powerful tool to help you get accepted!



I've been a full-time GRE tutor since 2008, and I've also worked with many of my students on their graduate school applications, particularly their essays and personal statements.

I find that most people are pretty bad at this type of writing at first, since they have little experience with it. However, most people have plenty of great stories to tell - stories that can create a interesting narrative that makes an admissions committee see how they're a great match for the program. My job is to help them get those stories on paper in ways that make the reader see and believe the writer has admirable qualities in addition to the necessary experience to succeed at graduate-level work.

In this course, I present 24 short videos to explain my favorite tips. It'll be up to you to take a few minutes to think about each tip and then make some notes about how you can use it. There is zero fluff in this course - I get right to the point!


A well-written personal statement can:

  1. Wake up a bored admissions committee (most statements they'll read are extremely similar)
  2. Convey your real personality and make you come alive to your readers
  3. Show your best qualities and values
  4. Help the reader see why you and their program are such a great fit




I strongly recommend allowing yourself about 6 weeks to work on your personal statements, so you have time to comb your memory for those interesting stories, to write and rewrite, and to apply the feedback you get from the people you ask to critique your statement.

Bonus: You'll also get an invite to access my GRE Prep Squad Discord for free after you sign up, so you can ask me questions directly!

Sign up now, and you'll learn many easy tips to make the process of writing easier and to make your essay better!



"Vince really helped the most in helping me to brainstorm possible ideas to write about as well as editing later in the process. It was very helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of, especially as he is highly knowledgable on what grad schools are looking for and the structure of a polished essay. Vince was great in drawing out the best possible essay out of my existing narrative. Very helpful and cut down a lot of time and anxiousness in the essay writing process. I was very satisfied with how my essay turned out and in the end I did get into all the schools I applied to." - Jamie Y.


"Use Vince if you need help with your personal statement for undergrad/grad school! He is very caring and attentive even if communication is only through email. His help can really elevate your application! I would give Vince 10 stars if I could!

I was stuck and did not know what to write about in my personal statement, but Vince helped navigate my thoughts into creating an amazing personal statement. Overall, I highly recommend him and his services." - Priscilla M.


"I loved that Vince was so patient with me! He took the time to hear out what I wanted to include in my essay and the message I wanted to transmit to the admissions committee. From there he helped me brainstorm and extract the important information that I should include in my essay and that would make me stand out as an applicant communicate my best qualities.

My essay had a completely different turn out than where it started. Working with Vince was just awesome because he was always very prompt, professional and detailed with his feedback. He always replied to me as soon as he could or kept me updated if he needed more time on revising my essay. Needless to say, I was accepted to my #1 choice for the Industrial Organizational Psychology Ph.D. Program and will be starting this Fall. Also, I received admission offers to 4 other graduate programs I applied to....Sooo EXTREMELY HAPPY!!!" - Minnelly R.


"I was in the process of applying to several graduate programs and was having trouble finding direction with my statement of purpose. I met with Vince and after telling him a little bit about what I wanted to write about he helped me outline the ideas I wanted to include. He was clear, concise, and very knowledgable. I met with Vince a a few times for revisions, ended up writing a pretty great statement of purpose, and got into 5 graduate programs! Vince is your guy if you need guidance in the graduate school application process." - Gabbi R.


"I came to Vince for help with my grad school personal statements because I had absolutely no idea where to start. In the short amount of time we had, he was able to help me organize my thoughts and write out all the points I needed to hit in the statement. His guidance and suggestions helped me form a strong essay and I was accepted into not just one, but a couple of schools that I had applied to! It was an extremely good experience working with Vince, and he makes sure to keep in touch and see your progress throughout the application process, which I think was a very nice personal touch. I highly recommend Vince when it comes time to think about graduate school!" - Nicole N.


"I enlisted Vince's help on writing my statement of intent for grad school. I got into my dream program, which is very competitive, and I owe a lot of that to the fabulous advice I got from him. He is always available via email, and responds quickly which is so important during stressful times like wondering what is the most important thing to focus on in your statement, wondering if what you wrote is just not jiving with the reader (he's totally honest with the kindest of deliveries). Really guys, Vince is the real deal and totally worth the cost when making it into your dream program on your first try is of the utmost importance." - Chelsie S.

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