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Maybe it's obvious, but to prepare well for the GRE you need a plan - there are lots of components to the test, and just diving into practice can be extremely inefficient.

But if you're following a study plan you've found online, you may be realizing the plan is hard to keep up with. Certain tasks in the plan may be difficult for you. Or perhaps you've already followed a study plan, taken the GRE, and now you need to retake the test to get a higher score.

Just like anything that is one-size-fits-all, GRE study plans do not work for all people, and certainly are not optimized for YOU and your unique situation. This is why I've created a personalized GRE study plan!

We'll meet via Zoom and create a complete schedule with daily and weekly to-dos for math, verbal, and essays that is based on your unique situation and goals, and we'll incorporate my favorite productivity, time management, test anxiety, and study strategies. 

After we meet, I'll email you a comprehensive list of your tasks for the first week. Then, you'll send me an update after that week to tell me what you accomplished, and I'll send you another list of tasks based on your progress. Not only will this provide some accountability, but you'll be getting the best possible advice on what to do each week until you're 100% done with the GRE, even if you take it more than once - the plan lasts for as long as you need it to. It also includes:

  • Access to GRE Prep Squad - my private Discord group. This is, in my opinion, the MOST valuable benefit - you can discuss GRE questions directly with me as much as you want!
  • My GRE Verbal Precision course
  • My Personal Statement course
  • My printable GRE Prep Journal to keep you organized and help you analyze your mistakes.
  • 10% off Vince's normal hourly tutoring rate! Note: If you're thinking about private GRE tutoring, keep in mind it includes everything the personalized study plan does, so you don't have to pay for the plan separately.

After you sign up, I’ll contact you to schedule a 45-minute Zoom meeting to create the plan, or feel free to email me your availability.

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Instructor: Vince Kotchian

Client Testimonial: "I highly recommend Vince for GRE prep! I signed up for his customized study plan after trying to get started on GRE studying on my own for a few weeks. Vince was super helpful. He helped me develop a study plan that worked with my schedule and provided a ton of material (including his GRE Verbal course). He was attentive and provided useful feedback and tips throughout my studies. After 2-3 months of studying with Vince, I took the GRE and was thrilled to see that my score went up significantly."

- Mariah B.


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"I was tutored by both Vince and Blake for the GRE and they both were excellent! Not only were they both supportive, extremely helpful, and very upfront, I never felt judged or dumb by any questions or concerns I had (something I have experienced by previous tutors). I had taken the GRE 3 times prior before meeting them, and I couldn't do anything to improve my verbal score no matter how much I prepared or studied. I met with them only 4 times, twice with Blake and twice with Vince, and I raised my verbal section 6 points (from a 144 to a 150) and was able finally to meet the criteria I needed to apply to my graduate programs! I wish I had known about their test prep sooner to be able to spend more time with them, but I am so happy I finally did. I highly recommend their test prep as someone who as always struggled with standardized and timed tests. These guys are great at what they do and helped me even when I thought it was too late!"

- Jordan Mason

"My biggest concern was the QR section (I hadn't taken a math class in over 13 years and my career thus far didn't involve anything beyond basic algebra), so I enrolled in private tutoring with Bronte. She was an absolute delight to work with. I could come to her with high level questions and she'd break down the concepts and help me identify what was actually being tested and directed me towards which practice problems/exercises would be most beneficial to me. She wouldn't just give me the answer, but would work through problems with me and again, never made me feel stupid for not knowing how to do something I judged to be simple and basic. Scheduling was a breeze, she was easy to communicate with and was ALWAYS pleasant and encouraging. In the end, I walked away with scores well above what I needed to get into my program of choice."

- Taylor Wycoff