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How we can help + military discount info


The good news is your GMAT verbal abilities have probably gotten better over the years without you even trying, since you've been reading this whole time - which passively develops your vocab, comprehension, grammar, and even writing skills.

The bad news? Your math ability, unless you were extremely good at math back in the day, may have atrophied. I won't sugarcoat it - it'll take some hard work to get that ability back, but it can be done. The GMAT doesn't test hard math concepts - it's just the greatest hits from arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics.

If you're interested in GMAT tutoring, we'll start off with a free phone call to discuss your situation and goals, and from there, develop a study and tutoring plan to make the most of the time you have. We also offer GRE tutoring, since now nearly all B-schools take either test.

Active-duty military members receive a 15% discount on GMAT tutoring - contact Vince for details.

P.S. We also help people write their graduate school admissions essays and statements of purpose!


Why us?


In our view, the most important question for you to ask is this: "Who will be the person teaching me?" Our competitors hire college students and train them, whereas we only hire long-time teachers who are already extremely good at what they do.

Blake Jensen is our GMAT specialist. He has worked with dozens of students over the years to help them tackle this tough test.

Blake Jensen

Blake Jensen GMAT tutor Blake Jensen GMAT tutor Blake Jensen GMAT tutor

Blake: I’m a native San Diegan, father, and an aficionado of basketball, vintage video games, pitchy karaoke, and lecturing my son on how much better Star Wars was "back in the day." I played college basketball at St. Mary’s College and Whittier College, where I earned my B.A. in Psychology in 2002.

Having been a full-time test prep coach for over 13 years, I have seen just about every type of student and tutoring situation. This allows me to give my students exactly what they need to reach their goals.

My years of experience have also led me to coach my students a little differently than most. A lot of test prep revolves around how to answer a question. While that is a necessary component, identifying what is needed to answer a question is at least as important, especially for timed tests like the GMAT. I show my students how to look at the test the way I do, to the patterns and tendencies of the test to make them faster and more accurate.

GMAT tutoring with Blake is $199 / hour (or $179 / hour for 10 or more hours). Most students use between 10 and 15 hours total.

He meets clients in his Del Mar Heights office or online via Zoom.