Yeehaw! SAT and ACT News Roundup


Howdy, pardner!

Before you know it, the lazy days of summer will be over, and you'll need to get back in the saddle.

There have been a few developments in the test prep (SAT / ACT) world since we last talked, and a few you might want reminders of, so here's a quick list to fill you in:


1. SAT Subject Tests have been discontinued.

2. The SAT Essay is also gone.

3. The tests are back on their normal schedule (see below for dates).

4. Most people have realized "test-optional" really means "an SAT or ACT score isn't required but is an opportunity to stand out if it's a good score." At competitive colleges, most accepted applicants submitted a score.

5. The University of California schools still will not even look at a test score. That's it! Got questions? HMU.


2021 / 2022 SAT / ACT Test Dates

August 28th: SAT

September 11th: ACT

October 2nd: SAT

October 23rd: ACT

November 6th: SAT

December 4th: SAT

December 11th: ACT

February 12th: ACT

March 12th: SAT

April 2nd: ACT

May 7th: SAT

June 4th: SAT

June 11th: SAT

July 16th: ACT

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