We have a winner!


Update: Congratulations to Eliana Reyes from Westview High School - the winner of our 2020 scholarship for $500!

(Below is the original scholarship info - we'll announce when 2021 applications are open.)



Vince Kotchian Test Prep is joining test prep professionals across the country together to offer a very special scholarship. Only one student per high school may apply for a Tests and the Rest Counselor Select Scholarship, and you--the counseling team--get to pick who the applicant is. Find all the details on the scholarship page. The deadline for applications is May 15.



(Video: 1-minute scholarship intro from Vince)




Do you already listen to Tests and the Rest, the college admissions industry podcast? Even if you aren't a regular listener, you'll love this very timely episode with the cofounders of CampusReel. This information is perfect to share with your students and parents who had big plans to visit colleges over Spring Break. It's not too late to tour colleges even when campuses are closed: https://gettestbright.com/virtual-college-tours/  




Working with the same students, families, and timelines you do, I know exactly how busy--and maybe a bit anxious--you and colleagues must be right now. While transitioning to online conferencing and educational tools can be challenging at first, we've been working with students remotely for years and know how to drive real learning and score improvement across the online divide. Here's how we can immediately help you, your students, and their parents:

  • Live online counselor training on what is happening with the tests
  • Live online parent Q&A on what the SAT & ACT are and why they matter
  • Live online full SAT/ACT combo class for your students
  • Live online SAT & ACT tutoring to be ready for June tests
  • Live online subject tutoring and accountability coaching to ensure students keep learning this spring

We can do all this and more for you, taking responsibilities off your over-full plate and helping your students find a silver lining from the dark cloud of school, sport, and activity cancellation. 


Let's set up a quick Zoom meeting to explain the scholarship we are offering for San Diego students and how we can partner to make these difficult times a little easier. You can call or text me, Vince, at 760-542-8395.


UPDATE: BTW, we offer SAT, ACT, and academic tutoring / homework help via Zoom. Know someone who’d benefit from those services? Please send them our way - our website has all the details.


All my best,


Vince Kotchian Test Prep

SAT, ACT, and GRE prep + academic tutoring



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