Uncensored! What Tutors Wish Parents Knew


Remember Rod Stewart?

Excuse me. SIR Rod Stewart.

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? 

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

(Most of his best songs are questions.)

Now that I've stirred up some nostalgia, how 'bout Ooh La La? That chorus...

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger

...is a subject we could all write a book on, or at least a thick pamphlet. Ah, hindsight!

In the SAT / ACT prep world, I recently encountered a discussion in a test prep tutor Facebook group that I'm a part of, and I wanted to share the takeaways with you. Kind of like Sir Rod says,


I wish that you knew what I know now

Before you work with a tutor! 


The Takeaways


  1. These tests are challenging for most, and need to be taken seriously.

  2. Effective test prep demands a good tutor AND a hardworking kid.

  3. Grades won't predict how students will do on tests like the SAT.


What can we infer from these highlights? The main complaints tutors have typically revolve around parents who:

 - Think test prep is easy, quick, or one-size-fits-all.

 - Assume that if that their kid is attending tutoring sessions they'll improve their scores.

 - Assume that since their kid has straight A's, the SAT / ACT won't be a challenge. 


The Bottom Line


In test prep, we don't want to take anything for granted. Start with the assumption that your kid will have to work very hard (for a while) to get ready for the test, that their grades in no way predict their SAT ability, and that they'll need your help to buckle down and do the homework we assign, so they can maximize their improvement.


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Questions For Discussion

1. In what year did your hairstyle most look like Rod Stewart's? Bonus points for photos.

2. Rod has spent over 25 years building an extremely realistic model railroad: is it a bigger achievement than his 250 million records sold? Discuss.

3. What's some advice you'd give to parents with kids younger than yours about school / tests / college prep?

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