The Biggest SAT Scandal Yet


You guys must think I'm joking at this point.

I only wish I were.

Someone at The College Board just leaked hundreds of upcoming SAT test items to Reuters.

For those of you new to scandals surrounding the new SAT, here's a list.

    1. The Common Core standards are developed in 2009 and released in 2010. Within months, they were recognized by 45 states. Critics of the way the standards were developed and implemented have been vociferous.


    1. An article is published in the Washington Post explaining how The College Board is inflating PSAT scores.


    1. Reuters breaks a story on widespread SAT cheating in Asia.


    1. A whistleblower at the College Board details development problems with the new SAT.


    1. Due to lax security, someone with access to SAT material for upcoming SAT tests gives hundreds of questions to Reuters.

If you only read one of these links, please read this one about how the Common Core has been railroaded through our schools. Just like Deep Throat said, "follow the money".

Some respected tutors I know are actually refusing to tutor the new SAT because of its deep-seated problems. I'm considering abandoning it myself. The ACT is now clearly a better, fairer, more consistent test.

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