Freshman Spotlight: Samantha at Carleton College




1. Tell us your first name and what college you're going to.

My name is Samantha, and I’m currently attending Carleton College.


2. Tell us a story about what you love most about this college. 

During one of my first nights at Carleton, my friends and I discussed the concept of time, the cinematography of the movie "No Country for Old Men," and the validity of adding pineapple to pizza. Discussions like that one are the reason I love Carleton. People do not take themselves seriously, yet intellectually stimulating conversation is always present. 


3. Tell us a story about what you love LEAST about this college.

Two weeks ago, the temperature dropped to -40 degrees Fahrenheit and classes were not canceled. While I now love to brag about the fact that I walked ten minutes in that freezing cold weather, it was not very fun while it happened. 


4. Tell us a story about the most surprising thing you've learned or experienced at college so far.

I do not know if this is just Carleton, but everyone I have met is interesting. Everyone has a little something that makes having a boring conversation with them impossible. Also, I have learned to cherish home-cooked meals. Dining halls are horrible, and even when you have low expectations of the food, you will be disappointed. 


5. Looking back, is there anything you wish you did differently this year?

I wish I had spent more time getting to know the people on my floor during the first few weeks of school, and tried to interact with more people in general. I was too concentrated in my classes and I forgot to socialize a little bit. But I also wish I had gone to more Convocations (weekly lectures or presentations from specialists in different fields).



How was your first year?

Test prep is ultimately about getting into college, so we'd love to hear any stories you have about your experiences.

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