Vince's GRE Verbal Question Walkthroughs


Below are my GRE verbal question walkthroughs - these are all me explaining official ETS questions, so the skills you pick up will translate into more precision on the real test... if you practice!

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Below: I do three sentence equivalence questions.


Below: I do another sentence equivalence question.


Below: Here's a triple-blank text completion question.


Lil' Jon voice: Watch out! Here's a tough reading comprehension question.


Below, we've got another reading comprehension question.


Below: Vince explains how to deal with primary purpose questions.


Below: I explain inference questions.


Below: The crucial skill of identifying the function of a sentence in a GRE passage.


Below: Let's dissect a difficult GRE passage, shall we?


Below: I explain a "weaken the argument" critical reasoning question.


Below: I explain a "paradox" critical reasoning question.


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