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There’s only so much a website, brochure, or even campus tour can tell you. Most students have to figure out vital information—like the lot that never completely fills up or the best spot for late night snacks—on their own.


To help out incoming students at San Diego State, we asked a couple recent students—Fiona, who just graduated from the Speech-Language Pathology master’s program, and Chanel, who just finished undergrad and is starting her master’s program there this fall—to share some of those tips and insider info that comes with spending a significant portion of their time on campus for several years.

What’s the best way to get to campus? What’s parking like?

Fiona: A campus parking pass is worth it if you drive. It was easy to park my bike in front of the SLHS building—I’d recommend walking or biking if you live close enough. My classmates usually parked at the lots closest to the building—3, 4, and 7.

What are the best spots to study or hang out on campus?

Chanel: The library and Starbucks.


Fiona: The outdoor tables and couches by the Aztec Market.

What about off campus?

Fiona: Clockwork Coffee, The Living Room, Public Square, Duet Coffee, Caffe Calabria (Chanel seconded The Living Room)

Did you eat on campus? Bring food from home? Where are the best places to get food on campus?

Chanel: I didn’t eat on campus very often, but I usually brought food from home. The Market is best for breakfast, snacks, and late night. Habit is good for lunch and Chipotle for dinner.


Fiona: I ate on campus most of the week for the first week. I packed lunch and dinner, but I bought ice cream from The Habit and CREAM. Chipotle and The Habit are good for lunch and dinner and the sweet potato fries from The Habit are good snacks. Aztec Market is also great for snacks.

What are your favorite off-campus places to eat?

Fiona: San Diego Blenders for breakfast, Sang Dao for lunch, Dirty Birds for dinner, and Yogurtland for late night treats.


Chanel: Windmill Farms for lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Did you participate in any clubs, organizations, or other activities?

Fiona: I was part of E3 [environmental club]. I planted in the community campus garden and went to a brewery and learned about sustainability—but my experience was short-lived since my grad school schedule conflicted with meetings.

Is it easy to make friends and socialize?

Chanel: Very easy—I’m not sure about dating, but it’s easy to meet people and socialize.


Fiona: My social interactions were mostly with my cohort. You can also just meet strangers on campus if you wander that way—it depends on your personality.

Where did you get the best deals on textbooks?

Chanel: Online, using, and the campus bookstore.


Fiona: Amazon, Chegg, eBay, and the campus bookstore.

What did you like best about San Diego State?

Fiona: The location—you’re near food, drinks, the beach, coffee, and nature—plenty of hiking and climbing.


Chanel: The weather and location.

What did you like least?

Fiona: The lack of windows in the SLHS building.


Chanel: The traffic getting there.

What’s your favorite memory from San Diego State?

Both Fiona and Chanel: Graduating!

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