GRE Sentence Equivalence Technique


In each GRE verbal section, there will be four sentence equivalence questions. These will all have just one sentence with a blank in it. Your job is to pick two of the six words below the sentence to fill in the blank, and the completed sentences must be extremely similar in meaning.

Strategies for this type of question aren't super complicated, and include:

  • pairing: see which choices are synonyms, since it's very likely the right answers will be close synonyms of each other
  • finding descriptive clues: noticing descriptive language - usually adjectives - in the sentence that informs what the blank should mean
  • noticing whether there is continuation in the sentence, or if there's a shift


In the below video, I go over an official ETS Powerprep Online sentence equivalence question. If you haven't taken that test yet, you might want to watch the video below this one instead!


I explain a few more sentence equivalence questions in this video.


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