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Hello parents and students! If AP Physics has you feeling like you're in a spiraling black hole of confusion, don't worry. We've got the escape velocity you need to break free! Our AP Physics tutoring program is designed to make topics like motion, energy, and waves as straightforward as a frictionless slide.

Why Choose AP Physics Tutoring?

AP Physics is a key milestone in any STEM education journey. This course is more than just a class; it's an opportunity. A high score on the AP exam could translate to college credits and a standout college application. More importantly, a solid understanding of physics concepts builds a foundation for careers in engineering, healthcare, and technology.

How We Roll (and Slide, and Bounce...)

Our approach is all about demystifying the complexities of physics. We're not just here to help your teen memorize formulas; we aim to instill a genuine understanding of the subject. Our tutors are well-versed in making even the most complex theories relatable and digestible. Plus, we customize every tutoring session to target your teen's specific needs and questions.


  • How many sessions per week are recommended?
    The frequency of sessions can vary. Some students do well with a weekly session, while others may benefit from two or more meetings per week. We're flexible!

  • Do you offer practice materials?
    Absolutely! We provide a range of practice problems, quizzes, and even mock AP exams to get your teen acquainted with the types of questions they'll see on the big day.

  • Is online tutoring available?
    Yep, we offer both in-person and online sessions, so you can choose what best suits your schedule and comfort level.

  • What's the price range?
    It's $199 per hour.

  • How do I know my child is progressing?
    We're big on keeping parents in the loop. Expect regular progress reports and assessments to help you track your teen's achievements and areas for improvement.

Ready to turn your teen's AP Physics experience from confusing to clarifying? Give us a call or shoot us a message to schedule a free consultation. Let's take the 'fear' out of 'f=ma' and set your teen on the path to academic victory!

In the world of AP Physics, forces may be vectors, but success? That's a straight line. Let us help your family get there. Reach out today!


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Looking for an AP Pre-Calc tutor? As always, the most important question for you to ask is this:


"Who, exactly, will be the person teaching my kid?"


One-on-one tutoring, with us, is completely customized to your learning style, personality, and needs. We have extensive experience working with students with learning disabilities.

Talking through the nuances of practice questions not only allows us to explain, in detail, the strategies that work, but that conversation also allows us to see what a student is thinking, ask the right questions to test understanding, and adjust our instruction minute-by-minute.


"What are the benefits of private tutoring?"

  • Instruction tailored to your child's learning style, motivation level, and personality
  • The opportunity to talk through the nuances of questions with someone with several years of experience with the test
  • Homework adjusted to your specific needs
  • Accountability and encouragement :)


Private tutoring is simply the most effective and efficient way to raise scores.

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