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In our view, the most important question for parents to ask is this: "Who will be the person teaching my kid?" Our competitors hire college students and train them, whereas we only hire long-time teachers.

Steve Anderson is our science guru, Whitney Niceswanger is our math maven, and Dan Tricarico is our wordsmith. Scroll down to see their bios, locations, and pricing.

Steve Anderson

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Steve: Born and raised here in San Diego, I’ve been fortunate enough to spend most of my life in this beautiful city. I am the proud father of two well-rounded college graduates, and two of my favorite activities are surfing and snowboarding with my kids. I enjoy running trails, playing and watching all kinds of sports, reading, listening to music, and playing guitar. I like crossword puzzles, and since I try to tune in to Jeopardy at 7:30 p.m. whenever possible, I guess you could consider me kind of a trivia geek. 

After graduating from Santa Clara University, I earned my teaching credential at University of San Diego and then taught mostly science courses for 31 years, including biology/AP Biology, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and physics. I have a master’s degree in educational technology and 3 teaching credentials: life sciences, chemistry, and physics. 

My favorite part of teaching is working one on one with students. The most rewarding aspect of teaching is determining where a student is falling short in his/her studies and then working together to gain a solid understanding of concepts with improved results. Many former students have told me that I have the gift of making complex scientific concepts easy to understand and creating a fun learning environment. 

I can help with Biology (AP), Chemistry (AP), and Physics (AP 1/2).

Science tutoring with Steve is $100 per hour. He meets with students in our Sorrento Valley office.

Whitney: I came to San Diego to attend USD, and still haven't found a reason to leave! After receiving a bachelor's in chemistry and minor in mathematics, I worked in biotech for six years. Eventually, my love for academia sent me back to school and to SDSU, where I earned a master's in mathematics. Since then, I have been teaching math at local community colleges, and recently finished a micromasters in statistics and data science.

I love to see students have breakthrough moments and realize they can excel at math. When I'm not geeking out, I like to travel, rock climb, or just go to the beach and play with my two dogs.

I can help with Core Curriculum Math, Algebra, Geometry, Math Analysis, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Linear Algebra, and
Statistics (AP).

Math tutoring with Whitney is $100 per hour. She meets with students in our Sorrento Valley office.

Whitney Niceswanger

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Dan Tricarico

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Dan:  I am a native San Diegan, and I don't take that for granted because, as far as I’m concerned, I live in paradise. In my spare time, I enjoy writing fiction, listening to music (especially Roots Rock and The Blues), reading mystery novels, staring out of windows, and watching movies.  One of my first loves is writing poetry, and I’ve published many poems both in print and on-line.

I graduated from San Diego State University in 1986 and I have been a high school English teacher for the past 29 years. I have also been a private tutor for nearly 10 years. Because of my experience in the classroom and as a tutor, I consider myself a reading and writing specialist.

I am also the author of two books that show teachers how to reduce their stress and improve their self-care. One is called The Zen Teacher: Creating Focus, Simplicity, and Tranquility in the Classroom and the other is Sanctuaries: Self-Care Secrets for Stressed Out Teachers. Recently, I've been fortunate to be able to do workshops based on these two books for teachers all over the country.

When I work with your student, I naturally teach skills, strategies, and approaches, but mostly I teach confidence. In my experience, that's what most students REALLY need. One of the greatest moments in my teaching practice is when I get to see the light go on in a student’s mind, especially after he or she has been struggling for a while with a skill or concept. That’s such a genuine thrill for me! 

I can help your student achieve that same level of success in writing, reading comprehension, public speaking, and study skills. Just set up a session!

Tutoring with Dan is $135 per hour. He meets with students in our Sorrento Valley office.