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We offer test prep for the SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT individually or in small classes.


We begin with a consultation, either in person or via Skype / phone. Other than getting to know each other, the immediate goals will be to figure out:

  • what test to take and when to take it
  • what materials to use
  • how often tutoring should occur

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The SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT classes we offer are limited to just 10 students per class and cost $750 - $1000.

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Questions? Email me or call / text me at 760-542-8395. I'm always happy to chat for a few minutes about your options. 

Personalized Tutoring

What's Private Tutoring Like?

Working with an independent tutor is the most efficient and effective way to master the SAT, ACT, GRE, or GMAT - because every meeting is customized to you. Whether you're [Boston accent] wicked smaht and want to go from 98th to 99th percentile scores - or you want help with almost everything - we'll focus on what you need at all times. Tutoring sessions are in person or via Skype.

During our initial meeting, we’ll create a study plan so you’ll know exactly what to work on outside of tutoring. From there, we’ll delve into everything you’ll need to do well on each part of the test. Through conversation, you’ll learn WAY more about the test than you would from a book, video, or class.

Comparing us to other test prep options? Does your hairdresser do your taxes?

Need information about our rates and policies? Right this way, please.

Questions? Email me or call / text me at 760-542-8395. I'm always happy to chat for a few minutes about your options. 

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Get in fighting shape For The test

GRE, GMAT, SAT, & ACT Bootcamp Classes

Some of our class graduates on their way to take the real test.


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Class Dates

Don't see a course that fits your schedule? Contact us and we’ll keep you posted when we schedule new classes.

Need to make up a session? No worries - we record all classes, so we’ll send you the video if you miss one.

SAT Class #1


(For the March 10th SAT)
Instructor: Matt Sheelen

Location: V.K.T.P.
Starts January 21st 
Last class February 25th 
(Sundays 10 am - 1 pm)
(Sold out!)


Instructor: Vince Kotchian

Location: V.K.T.P.
Starts February 8th 
Last class March 12th
(Mon / Thurs 6 pm - 8 pm)
(2 spots left)



Instructor: Blake Jensen

Location: V.K.T.P.
Starts March 14th 
Last class April 25th 
(Wednesdays 6 pm - 9 pm)
(9 spots left)



Instructor: Vince Kotchian

Location: V.K.T.P.
Starts April 2nd 
Last class May 3rd 
(Mon / Thurs 6 pm - 8 pm)
(8 spots left)



Instructor: Vince Kotchian

Location: V.K.T.P.
Starts May 2nd 
Last class June 6th
(Wednesdays 6 pm - 9 pm)
(9 spots left)


Ok – unlike real bootcamp instructors, we're not going to get in your face and yell at you until you start crying or make you do burpees until you pass out. But we will teach you exactly what you need to do your best on the test.

During our GRE, GMAT, SAT, and ACT classes, we’ll cover the same material in a small group (each class is limited to just 10 students) that we would during one-on-one test tutoring.


What Will This Class Cover?

In the first class, we’ll come up with a detailed study plan for you to follow during the class and beyond, so you can be as productive as possible outside the class.

From there, we’ll cover every part of the test. Through conversation, you’ll learn a LOT more about how the test is written and about the rules it plays by than if you were studying on your own.

Here are a few of the takeaways:

  • Math concepts explained in plain English
  • How to get better at vocab and reading passages
  • A thorough understanding of tested grammar concepts
  • How to deal with tricky critical reasoning questions
  • How to make sure you're ready to write great essays
  • How to develop good technique for verbal and math questions
  • How to squeeze the most value out of practice questions
  • How to decipher the test's patterns, logic, and rules.
  • How to analyze your practice tests and make better test-taking decisions


What Makes Your Classes Different?

In a nutshell, we've been doing this for many years.

Tutoring is not a common career, so most tutors - especially those who work for big companies - are working part-time while they finish grad school or look for a "normal" job in their field of interest.

Once these tutors move on, the big company hires more newbies and the cycle repeats.

This is why big companies don’t tell you who’s teaching their classes.


What Are Former Students Saying?

Check out our reviews on Yelp and Google. We have more 5-star reviews than any other local test prep company.


What’s Included In The Price?

All of the materials are included. Most importantly, we use books written by the makers of the test - this gives you the most realistic practice.

Bonus: Vince’s current class members can come to free office hours with Vince on Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m. in North Park.

The price also includes videos of any class sessions you miss.


How Much Is It?

Each course is $750.00 if purchased at least two weeks in advance. Within two weeks of the start date, the price goes up to $800.00. The price covers all meetings and materials. Note: classes starting after March 1, 2018 are $900 - $1000.

Questions? Email me or call / text me at 760-542-8395. I'm always happy to chat for a few minutes about your options. 

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Five Things Parents Should Know


Begin with Motivation


It’s important that you help your kid develop his own drive to do well. YOU are probably motivated for him to succeed, but he must develop his own compelling reasons to get high scores.

  • Have a conversation about what your child wants to do or experience in the future. The answer doesn’t have to have anything to do with a job or career. Just anything he finds interesting or exciting. When I was in high school, I had NO IDEA what kind of career or college I wanted, so starting with interests can be a lot easier.
  • Then, talk about how to further those interests. There are ways to pursue most interests both in college and outside of college, so you might as well talk about ALL the options. This way, your kid gets the big picture and doesn’t feel as though he’s being forced to choose college as the next step in his life. Talking about the pros and cons can help going to college be more of a mutual decision.
  • Make a list of colleges that seem to have the attributes that might further your kid’s interests. A college counselor – especially a private counselor – will be helpful here. We all seem to know about certain colleges, but there are many excellent schools you probably haven’t heard about. Note the average ACT and SAT scores for each school and discuss setting a score goal.
  • Agree on a realistic amount of time each week during which your son will study for the ACT / SAT. Schedule it and write it down at the beginning of each week. Check on him every so often to make sure he’s working during those times.

Working with your son or daughter to establish goals and a routine will greatly help the entire process (not to mention make my job a lot easier). Just keep in mind the above conversations may take time.


Understand Test Prep

In a nutshell, here’s what you need to know about SAT and ACT prep.

  • Most of my students have high grades, but many of them don’t do well on the ACT and SAT at first. The process of getting an A on a test or in a class in school is dramatically different than getting the equivalent of an A on the SAT or ACT (especially with today’s rampant grade inflation).
  • Students must have a strong foundation in the fundamentals (reading, math, grammar, writing), but also must be able to recognize patterns, read precisely, think, and adapt. Test prep usually takes a lot longer than studying for a typical exam; the SAT and ACT can’t be crammed for.
  • About half of the test involves concepts, i.e., grammar, punctuation, rhetorical skills, and math. There is no magic or art involved in learning concepts. In fact, students can do most conceptual learning without me and I encourage them to do so as early as possible, using the workbooks I recommend. Of course, I have technique and tips to add, but success here stems mostly from knowledge.
  • The other half is strategy and technique, mostly for the Reading, Science, and essay portions of the tests. This is where I add the most value. Performing well on these sections usually isn’t as simple as following a step-by-step process you read in a book or watch in a video. Conversation about these sections helps much more. It lets us talk about the subtleties of thinking through questions and allows me to observe the student’s thought process.


When to Start and How Long It Takes

The summer before junior year is an ideal time to begin formal test-prep. Freshmen and sophomores should be aiming for top grades and reading widely. The better their reading and math ability, the better test prep will work.

(Speaking of "when to start" things, the sooner you start working with an independent college counselor, the better! Using your high school counselor is, in many cases, akin to using a court-appointed lawyer. I'd be happy to make some recommendations if you're looking for a good college counselor.)

A good place to start test prep is to take an official ACT and SAT practice test to see which score is higher. Before students do this, it’s useful that they talk with me briefly so they have some idea of what to expect; we don’t want their scores to be skewed from surprise at the timing or test content.

You can find the official SAT practice tests here, and an official ACT test here. Print them before your kid takes them. Then you can score them (it's pretty easy).

Once we decide on a test, test prep can begin in earnest.

Students should take the test for real when they’ve hit their goal on an official practice test. This is the answer to the question, “how long will test prep take?”. Some students do this quickly and others take several months. It depends on a lot of things: inherent intelligence, motivation, practice quantity and quality, tutoring quantity, how high the goal is compared to the initial score, etc. With that said, a typical tutoring plan might consist of weekly 90-minute meetings for a few months leading up to the real test, and in many cases, goals can be reached by the beginning of junior year if students start after sophomore year is over.


Practicing at Home

It’s essential that students are able to accomplish things outside of tutoring sessions so that they can make faster progress. I usually assign about 3 hours of homework per week, which is often best split up into daily 30-minute sessions.

Once students come into tutoring, we’ll go over their corrections to test their understanding.

Important: It will help your child if you make sure not only that he is working on test prep for the agreed upon time, but also that he has a distraction-free environment. This means no cell phones or other electronic devices, no interruptions, and no T.V. or music. Seriously.


Why Vince?

I am one of the few long-term, full-time tutors out there. Tutoring is not a common career, so most tutors are working part-time while they finish grad school or look for a "normal" job in their field of interest. This is particularly true of tutors who work for big organizations (USD, UCSD, Kaplan, The Princeton Review, etc.).

My greatest value comes from my insight, so I can tell students exactly…

  • what to do
  • how to do it
  • and how long to do it for

…in the most efficient and effective way possible.

With me, students go far beyond just getting questions right. I help them fully understand the concepts behind questions, identify the best methods to use, and recognize takeaways to help with similar questions in the future.

It’s my hope that I can not only significantly raise their scores, but also help them feel more confident, decrease their stress about the tests, and in general, make their lives (and yours) a little easier.

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My tutoring rates and policies are on this page.

Questions? Email me or call / text me at 760-542-8395. I'm always happy to chat for a few minutes about your options. 

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