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Tutoring Rates and Rules

Rates and Policies

Tutoring Rates

Our two main options are:

Private tutoring with Matt is $195 per hour, or $175.50 per hour for 10 or more hours. He offers GRE tutoring at a discount: $149 per hour / $134 per hour for 10+ hours.

Private tutoring with Blake is $249 per hour / $224 per hour for 10 or more hours. He offers GRE tutoring before 2 p.m. at a discount: $149 per hour / $134 per hour for 10+ hours.

Private tutoring with Bronte is $170 per hour / $153 per hour for 10+ hours. She offers GRE tutoring at a discount: $120 per hour / $108 per hour for 10+ hours.

Private tutoring with Bridget is $150 per hour / $135 per hour for 10+ hours.

Private tutoring with Lauren is $150 per hour / $135 per hour for 10+ hours. She offers grad school personal statement help at a discount: $100 per hour or $90 per hour for 5+ hours.

Why do we charge what we charge?

  • We're specialists: All we do is SAT, ACT, and GRE prep.
  • We're experienced: We range from having 3 to 11 years of experience and are priced according to experience level.
  • Keeping top talent requires top compensation.

Don't forget that we offer small group classes - taught by our veteran tutors - that are more affordable than private tutoring.

If neither tutoring nor a class seems like it’ll work for you, meeting with one of us for a half-hour to develop a plan to self-study is also an option.

How much tutoring Might I need?

During the school year, we typically recommend 90 minutes of tutoring per week for about 3 months leading up to an official test.

During the summer, we typically recommend meeting once or twice a week for 90 minutes leading up to one of the late summer / early fall tests.

So, in general, we recommend 15 - 25 hours of tutoring to prepare for a particular test date. After we meet with a student we can make a more exact recommendation based on the situation.

Any single purchase of 10 or more hours gives you a 10% discount on that and all future tutoring purchases with us.

To start the process, you can contact the tutor you might want to work with directly to ask any questions you have, figure out where to meet for tutoring, and schedule a consultation.


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Tutoring / Class Policies 

Payment Policy

Tutoring sessions must be paid for at least 24 hours in advance (the payment form is below).

Tutoring session cancellation / rescheduling policy

We require at least 24 hours notice for any changes or cancellations - otherwise, we reserve the right to charge you for the full appointment.

I realize this may sound strict; however, short-notice changes and cancellations usually mean that we are not able to fill the time slot and we therefore lose income. Furthermore, students who would have liked to schedule during that time generally miss out since they don't know the slot is available.

Tutoring package terms

If you buy a package of hours, any unused hours expire after 6 months.

If you ever would like a refund for any unused hours, we will refund them as if they were purchased without the package discount, provided that you request the refund within 6 months of the package purchase.

The expiration on package hours can be extended by 6 months provided that you buy at least one more hour within a week of the original package expiration date.

Class terms

If you register for a class but then you don't want to attend the class for some reason, your registration can be transferred to a future class date if:

1. you pay a fee equivalent to 20% of the class price.

2. It's more than one week before the first class session.

If you register for a class and you would like a refund, I'll refund you provided you request it anytime before the second class session, minus a fee equal to 20% of the class price.

*I charge transfer and refund fees for classes because classes usually sell out and, if you change your mind about attending, you may well be preventing another interested student from taking that class.

Please note that we cannot accommodate makeup class requests. If you can't attend a meeting for a particular class, we recommend purchasing a private tutoring session with the class teacher to cover the missed material.


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Payment Form

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