Hello, friends!

First of all, I hope you and your family are doing ok. We're all dealing with challenges and increased stress these days.

I'll get right to the point - here are three ways we might be able to help you stay on track with academics and test prep. P.S. We're also offering a $500 college scholarship to a high school senior this year - details here

  1. News. I'll be posting SAT / ACT / GRE news as it happens on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Follow me or connect to stay in the loop. For example, we just learned that both the April ACT and the May SAT are cancelled, and the GRE can now be taken at home! 3/28: AP exams will be taken from home with open notes! 

  2. Homework help. Even a worldwide pandemic won't stop teachers from assigning homework. :) Need some help? Hit us up. Our academic tutors are all here

  3. Test prep. Even though the next tests are in June (or maybe even later), the SAT and ACT aren't about memorization, so the strategies you learn with us will stick until you DO take the real test. We can help you set up a DIY plan, or one that also involves online tutoring. Contact any of our SAT / ACT tutors or our GRE tutors if you'd like to set up a consultation to help with your specific situation. We're also still holding our normal SAT classes and GRE classes online.


Speaking of all these online meetings, we'll be using the wonderful Zoom app to work with people. If you have had bad experiences with online meeting apps like Skype before, the best way I can describe Zoom is that it just worksWe don't usually use webcam - just screenshare, so the you can view Zoom's built in whiteboard that we draw on.

I typically recommend that Zoom meetings last just 60 mins. and take place perhaps twice a week.

We recommend installing the app to join a Zoom meeting - here's the download page for Mac, PC, iOS, and Android.

Got doubts? If you have a meeting scheduled, we can always do a quick Zoom test call so you can see how well it works. 

We're grateful that we're one of those businesses that CAN continue functioning online. If you have a few minutes, and want to help any local businesses you like that aren't so lucky (restaurants, coffee shops, independent retailers, etc.), consider writing them reviews on Google or Facebook.

Believe me, as a small business owner, these reviews really help, and once those businesses open again, they'll appreciate it!

Finally, please feel free to give me a call directly at 760-542-8395 if you have any questions about test prep, subject tutoring, or anything else related to getting into college or grad school, and I can probably make some recommendations even if I don't know the answer.

Be well,