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Does your middle school, high school, or college student need some assistance with math? Good news - our local tutors in Chico can help! Be sure to check out their bios below.


Math Tutoring

Since math is cumulative, kids can really struggle if they get behind in a class. Also, the math they didn't learn well may come back to haunt them in future grades and classes. We're math specialists and can help students catch up, master the material, and raise both their grades and confidence.

Math tutoring subjects include:

Core Curriculum / Basic Math
Linear Algebra

Students will learn to avoid careless mistakes, prepare better for tests and quizzes, and develop stronger, more independent study skills so that they become more empowered to learn on their own.

Aimée Sylvia

Aimee Sylvia Math Tutor Aimee Sylvia Math Tutor Aimee Sylvia Math Tutor

A Chico local, I grew up in town before moving to the San Francisco peninsula for a while. I bounced around community colleges before transferring to San Francisco State University where I got my B.S. in Civil Engineering in 2015, after which I attended UC Davis and completed my M.S. in Civil Engineering, emphasis Structural Engineering and Structural Mechanics, in 2017. From there I spent some time working as a software developer for finite element analysis workflows, and am currently working on learning all I can about modern web development technologies.

While figuring my life out in community college, I started working as a math tutor, and have loved doing it ever since. Over the years I've expanded my tutoring repertoire to include all lower division math, beginning physics, and some lower division engineering courses. When working as a teaching assistant in grad school, I realized I was more motivated by helping students understand topics than necessarily teaching to a group. The ability to connect with a student on exactly the terms they need to convey a concept is important to me, and those connections are why I keep coming back to tutoring.

I'm the kind of weirdo that does math for fun, but when I'm not doing that I enjoy playing video games with my friends, cooking way too much food, and spending quality time with my cats. I also dye my hair fun colors every so often, so you might never know quite what to expect!

Math tutoring with Aimée is $75 per hour. She is available for both in-person and Zoom tutoring.

Below is a list of all math subjects and classes Aimée can help with - she tutors all ages and grade levels. Please note, Chico State class names are in parentheses, for example, (math 112) and Butte College class names are in brackets, for example, [math 30] 

Pre-Algebra (math 5, 7, 10, 16) [math 318]
Algebra 1 (math 31) [math 108]
Algebra 2 (math 116) [math 124]
Geometry [math 110]
Trig (math 118) [math 20]
Pre-calc (math 119) [math 26]
Calc 1 (AP Calc/Math 120) [math 30]
Calc 2 (Math 121) [math 31]
Calc 3 (Math 220) [math 32]
Ordinary differential equations (math 260) [math 40]
Linear Algebra (math 235) [math 42]
Non-Trig Calc (math 109) [math 13]
Statistics (math 105/math 108) [math 18]
Finite math (math 107) [math 12]
Liberal arts math [math 11]